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 Posted Nov 30, 2016 at 10:00 AM

Over 400 people came out last Saturday for the bi-annual Lantern Festival hosted by The Arts Station. - Photo by P. McLachlan

— Image Credit: Photo By P. McLachlan
By Phil McLachlan

Over 400 people came out last Saturday for the bi-annual Lantern Festival hosted by The Arts Station.

A dark snowy night was interrupted by the bright lights of hundreds of lanterns marching down 1st Avenue towards the Fernie Aquatic Centre.

This bi-annual lantern festival, hosted by the Fernie Arts Station, reached an all time record high in attendance numbers, attracting over 500 people to celebrate in a unique art project experiment.

“We started planning in August,” said Erin Teeple, Administrator for the Fernie & District Arts Council/The Arts Station. “We have a really dedicated committee of artists that get together and start conceptualizing the idea.”

The community events that were also hosted by the Arts Station as a build up to this event were all very successful, and the Lantern Festival finished off the project with a bang.

Fernie Hospice was in attendance, selling lanterns as a fundraiser for their organization.

The march traveled from the Arts Station to the Fernie Aquatic Centre, where a forest full of colourfully-lit creatures and mysterious creations stunned those attending.

With a ‘Northern Lights’ theme in the 2014 Lantern Festival and an ‘Into the Woods’ theme for this year, 2018 looks to another exciting and unique themed event which is yet to be announced.

For many years the Arts Station has been working to bring art to the community of Fernie and engage the public in an informative way. Teeple believes that this is extremely important to the well-being of a community.

“Art can be thought provoking, emotionally responsive and create a dialogue within community,” she said. “’Into the Woods’ engaged our community by encouraging public participation in both creating a lantern and showcasing it in the parade and installation site.

“When we invite others to experience art or create their own work; magical things start to happen. New worlds are created like ‘Into the Woods’.”

Fernie Lantern Festival – We’re Getting There!

We are hard at work getting the Fernie Lantern Festival ready for November, 19th. 18 more days and it’s show time. Not only are the organizers working hard on planning and creating, the kids in Fernie are getting involved in their classrooms! It’s so wonderful to see some many people, of all ages, contributing to the Festival. It’s going to be a night to remember.

2nd Lantern Community Build Tonight

Lantern Making Inspiration - Abstract Ideas

We’re doing it! Our first evening, on October 20th, was packed with ideas and energy. Tonight we will be in the theatre at The Arts Station and we will have more room for all these great ideas and energy.

Don’t forget to come in through the back of the building!

Into The Woods Community Builds

Fernie Lantern Festival - Community Lantern Builds nights at The Arts Station

If you’re not familiar with Community Builds, let me tell you a bit about them. The Arts Station, the organization in charge of this whole amazing lantern festival and who has formed a lantern festival committee, hosts seven nights when you can come and make your own lantern for free.

At The Arts Station you will find a whole whack of materials and people who are there to help. You can come with an idea in mind, using the Into The Woods theme or not, or we can give you an idea that can help us create the Into The Woods installation.

Come when you can, pick a night or two or all seven! We will be there getting creative and experimenting. It’s all for fun and we hope you enjoy it.